Watercolor Your Extensions

Products needed:

Hair color (The more hair color the bolder the color)

613 extensions (Bleaching extensions can cause damage if not done properly and requires more work)

Plastic spoon

Plastic bowl (large enough for water and extensions)

Tap water



Remove all ties, bundle wraps, and rubber bands from your 613 extensions. If this is not done, dye will not properly set in the places that are covered

I also recommend that all bundles are separated and detangled prior to dying to allow all strands access to the water color.

I bleached my extensions instead of using 613


Open bottles of coloring and pour them in plastic bowl, to make sure all the dye is out of the bottle, run water in the bottles and shake it while the top is on. Then pour water from dye bottle into the plastic bowl.

Allow your hot tap water to run until it is out and fill your plastic bowl about 3/4th of the way to the top. 

Use your plastic spoon to blend the water and color. Be sure to break up all chunks of color and make sure the water and color are blended smoothly.

Final Step

Lay your extensions in the watercolor mixture and allow time for extensions to absorb all color. Often times the water will become clear when the extensions have absorbed all color. When using several bottles of color for a bold look, allow to sit for a few hours before rinsing because the water will not turn clear. When looking for a pastel color only use 1 bottle of dye and allow to sit until water surrounding turns clear. 

Be sure to condition extensions well after watercolor.

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