Tips For Preserving Edges While Wearing Extensions

1. Invest in you– you have to invest in yourself buy purchasing quality hair. Lower grade hair will not last long requiring continuous maintenance to the hair and it can cause irritation to the scalp and loss of hair.

2. Foundation– your foundation should not cause your head to hurt for long periods of time. Make sure braids are secure but not too tight. Tight braids can cause edges to pop during install

3. Time-Installs should only last 2-3 months. Hair should be taken down, washed, and moisturized to allow your scalp to breathe and to keep your hair nourished.

4. Weave Cap– Installing a weave cap on top of your braids prevents the thread from the install from cutting strands of your hair which causes split ends and damage.

5. No Ponytails– Wearing continuous ponytails adds a lot of tension to the hair. The braids are already causing tension and pulling the extensions into a ponytail causes more tensions on your hair

6. Edge Control– Edge control is very important to get the SLAY that you are looking for. Be sure to purchase edge controls that include benefits for nourishing and growth.

Frontal Installs

1. Use the right adhesive– Please be sure to use glue that is made specifically for frontal wigs. Not doing so will result in damaged edges.

2. Patience– When you are ready to remove your frontal make sure you are not being rushed and have the time to properly remove it without becoming frustrated. Also, use an adhesive remover to assist with removing the frontal. If you feel any tensions or resistance, apply more of the adhesive remover before trying again.

3. Wig cap-use a wig cap for every frontal install to protect your hair and edges from adhesive. 

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