Restore Your Bundles

After a few months of flat ironing and adding products extensions start to look a little stiff and may even start to tangle more. We have to remember even though it didn’t grow out of our scalp it is still very necessary to treat like human hair. Extensions still need to be washed and conditioned well to restore your bundles back to its beautiful body it once had. While silicon mix conditioner is very famous for extensions restoration, you can also use a good deep condition to obtain the same results. 


-Pot of water

-Silicon mix/conditioner

1. Place a full pot of water on the stove top and allow water to boil

2. Remove pot from fire after boiling starts

3. Add conditioner to boiling water and stir

4. Add extensions to water and make sure they are fully saturated

5. Allow to sit for 30min to an hour for best results

6. Rinse thoroughly with cold water

7. Allow to air dry 

Allowing your extensions to air dry is very important because it allows them to return back to their natural state without further heat damage. Be sure to use a heat protectant if you are in a rush for your extensions to be dried.

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