Invest In Your Hair (Extensions & Natural)

Quick weaves are so fast and simple right? It gets the job done and you look cute as hell. But what about when you take it out? All the products used to harden the hair as well as the process to remove the tracks all cause extreme damage to your natural hair. If you are looking for a protective style and you’re trying to maintain your real hair, a quick weave is not the best option.

Quick Weave?

A quick weave is when your hair is molded down in order to glue extensions on top of a wig cap or sometimes it’s glued directly on your hair.

Some stylist mold the hair down and some braid it, due to the hair being braided many believe this makes it a protective style.

After molding or braiding hair down and applying wig cap with glue, extensions are cut and glued all over until the full head is covered. Sometimes there is a leave out to help blend the extensions and help the style look more natural.

Just like a leave out with a sew in, applying heat to your natural hair to help blend your hair with the extensions causes extreme heat damage. On top of the heat damage, removing the extensions from your hair with or without a wig cap is often difficult and causes damage to your natural hair as well due to the tension that is applied to detach the extensions from the glue.

Although the quick weave style is beneficial and often times very beautiful, the process, products, and take-down process stops it from being a protective style because it damages the natural hair

Although the quick weave starts as a protective style. The glue cancels out any pros of the style.

What is a protective style?

Protective styles are those that are styled to be worn for extended periods of time to protect the hair from tension, heat, and styling damage.

Did you Know?

Often times stylist do not dry the hair completely before installing a quick weave and this leads to mildew forming on the hair. Washing the extensions is not a option with this hair style because the glue will loosen the extensions and ruin the quick weave style. It is also not good to wear the quick weave style for extended periods of time because the dirt from your hair as well as sweat will start to build up and cause bad odor and damage to the scalp. Your scalp also because very dry causing damage to the scalp and restricting hair growth. 

There are so many other options to protect your natural hair and obtain the same look of a quick weave. Bottom line? Invest in yourself and your hair because your natural hair is just as important.

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