How to Remove Hair Coloring From Extensions

So you died your hair midnight blue, and you have been loving it for a month now but now you want to be a red head. Your bundles are still new and you don’t want to invest in more so what do you do? Well queen, here is the solution. Now you can remove color from your extensions and recolor without damaging the hair with bleach. 


3 tbsp Baking Soda

4 tbsp shampoo

1 tbsp dish washing liquid

Shower cap 

Processing Time:

20 minutes


1. Combine ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is smooth

2. Apply the mixture to your dry extensions until they are completely covered

3. Cover extensions with the shower cap or plastic bag and leave sitting for about 20 min (could be longer for deeper colors)

4. Wash mixture out with warm water

5. Condition hair

Anti-dandruff shampoo has strong clarifying properties that help to strip the color from the extensions. When adding that with baking soda it helps to strip the darker colors without damaging the extensions.

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