How to Make Your Wig Look Natural!


If your wig is looking to full or the hairline is just not fitting yours, there is an easy fix for this. You may need to pluck the hair line of the wig to make it a little thinner to blend like a real hair line. If you are unsure how to do so read the steps below. You will need tweezers, a rattail comb, and a stand to rest your wig on as you go through this process.

Where do you want to thin your wig? Put the wig on and look at yourself in the mirror. Determine where you want to thin the hair and make a mental note of how you want the wig to appear. This helps guide your work as you begin. Most likely it will be around the hair line.

Part the section that you want to work on. Create a part in your hairpiece to separate the area of the wig you want to work on from the rest. Put the rattail of the comb against your scalp and then move the comb from side to side to part the hair. Place a clip on hair you are not focused on to secure it while you work.

Removing hair. Hold a section of hair between your fingers and then pluck on that section with tweezers. Use the tweezers as close to the root as possible to remove full strands. Be sure to move around and do not pluck from one area to much and cause a bald spot. Continue to hold the section of hair and put the tweezers down.

Remove the excess hair. Comb through the section of hair your holding in your hands to remove the excess hair. The comb will remove the plucked hair that is lingering in the hair.

Do the same process and keeping plucking. Repeat Steps 2-4 until all the sections of your hairpiece you want to thin have been completed. Comb through your hair a final time and style as necessary.

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