How To Find The Perfect Vendor

While purchasing a vendor list is sometimes beneficially due to the vendors already being tested and the research already being done, but there’s a lot of scamming going on and people are skeptical about buying vendor list now.
There are those who would rather do the research themselves but they are unsure where to start or even how to spot a good vendor from a bad one. Here are a few questions and tips to help find your long lasting vendor.

Questions To Ask Vendor Before Purchasing

Is the hair cuticles aligned?

a. The answer should be yes to confirm there will not be a lot of tangling and damage to the hair.

Where is the hair from?
a. If you are looking for Indian hair it is more practical to get it from India are at least know where your hair is coming from.

Do you offer sample orders?
a. Sample orders are usually cheap and they give you the chance to test the hair for
shedding and coloring.

Is your wholesale pricelist available?
a. Viewing the whole sale list gives you an outlook of what you can charge for your extensions.

What company do you use for shipping and what is the delivery time frame?
a. Long shipping times can discourage customers so be sure shipping times are reasonable or at least be able to inform customers of long shipping times.

What is the density level of closure?
a. Normal density are around 130%-150% this ensures that the closure is full.

How are wefts constructed?
a. Double wefts are the best answers because it results in less shedding.

Has there been any lice issues?
a. Be sure vendor does not have a history of lice because this could lead to lose of customers and a law suit.

Any synthetic fibers in the hair?
a. 100% Human Hair should not have any synthetic hair. If you are avertising human hair please be sure no synthetic fibers are added.

How many grams per bundle?
a. Bundles usually run 100 grams per bundle. Anything less will reuire more bundles for a full install.

What is the return policy on bad hair?
a. Most company’s that have pride in their company will provide a guarantee and return policy.

Can you send videos and pictures without filters?
a. Filters can add details and take away flaws so be sure all videos and pictures are natural lighting.

Do you provide 613 hair?
a. Many customers request 613 hair so this may be something necessary for your vendor to have.

Do you offer personalized packaging?
a. If you own your own business it may be easier to get extensions as well as personalized items from one company. Vendors also give discounts when purchasing multiple services or items.

Do you ship around the world?
a. Be sure that all customers are able to get their orders b confirming the areas the vendors ship to.

Do you offer drop shipping?
a. For business owners with websites, most sell extensions through drop shipping which
allows the vendor to ship directly to the customer and requires less work from the business owner.

• Vendors use stock photos and most of them use the same photos so look for vendors who take their own photos of their hair to ensure the vendors hair quality. Here is an example of what to look for:

TIPS About Choosing A Vendor

• Check vendors on YouTube and social media for reviews and also for their personal YouTube channels.
• Often times vendors with a lot of transactions have good quality hair but the more business they receive often times the quality of hair goes down due to them trying to fill so many orders.
• Pay close attention to response time. Want to be sure you are able to contact vendor and receive quick responses.

Queen Melanin Extensions also provides wholesale. Please contact for wholesale pricing.

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