How Do You Know if a Wig is Good Quality?

Everybody is looking for that thick, beautiful, soft, and bouncy hair. Natural human hair wigs are able to provide this look as long as its good quality. So how do you know if a wig is good quality?


  1. The first thing you notice is how the wig looks. Any hair that is extremely shiny is synthetic. Natural hair does not have a shiny coat to it. You also want to make sure there are not any strands of random color hair intertwined. Some companies also carry synthetic hair and some of their human hair wigs have synthetic strands which often times are a different color such as red. You have to carefully look through your unit in order to notice these strands.

*Click pictures for more info on human hair*

  1. Good quality wigs have a long-life span. Most synthetic wigs will only last for about 4 weeks before they start to show their true colors. Longevity is the greatest characteristic of a good quality wig. Great quality wigs should be able to be worn every day. This has can also be styled with heat and bleached without ruining the quality.


  1. Bad quality wigs could cause scalp irritation. The synthetic hair causes damage to the scalp as well as itchiness that results in welts and redness in the scalp. The most common side effect of installing a bad unit is constant irritation and itching of the scalp.


  1. Good quality wigs will often come at a pricy amount. “You get what you pay for” in other words. The cheaper the hair the more likely the quality is lower. You have to invest in yourself. Buying cheap hair will result in spending more money because you will have to purchase hair more often. A unit of better quality is usually more expensive but they have a light span of 2+ years.

Keep in mind that regardless of the quality of the hair you must keep up the maintenance in order for it to meet its life span. You must brush the hair properly to restrain from tangling, wash and condition your units and keep the hair clean from oils and dirt that will weigh the hair down, be sure to use heat protectants to refrain from damaging the hair, and last but very important, store your units properly. Queen Melanin Extensions offers Queen Guards as well as Protection Bundles that protect your unit from weather, dust, and any other elements that may help destroy your unit.

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