Famous Rice Water

The use of rice water to help hair growth stemmed from ancient china. The rice water carries vitamins such as B, C, E and several minerals that are good for your hair and skin. These vitamins and minerals help to strengthen damaged hair shafts. The women in China who used fermented rice water to wash their hair had an average hair length of 6ft. 

Ferment the rice water over night


1 cup of rice


2 Bowls

Steps:1. Take the cup of rice and rinse it off to remove all dirt and impurities.

2. Drain all water and dirt off rice

3. Place rice in bowl and cover with water

4. Allow to sit overnight

5. Strain water from rice into a clean bowl

6. All water to ferment for about 48 hours (water will start to smell sour)

7. Pour water into water bottle

8. Part hair in sections

9. Spray each section at a time focusing on middle and ends mainly

10. Twist or braid each section down

11. Allow to see sit overnight or at least 3 hours before washing out

Hair is expected to grow at least 2 inch a month with consistent use of the fermented rice water method. 

This method is also good for children. I take time out every 2 weeks Saturday night and Sunday morning to complete this rice water method on my daughter and I. I have seen so much progress with hair growth as well as hair strength. The shedding has stopped and our hair does not feel brittle at all. Give you hair a chance to accept the minerals before expecting results. I was able to see noticeable results within 2 months of doing this every 2 weeks.

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