How To Pluck A Lace

Step 1:

First you want to make sure you have a clear picture for your own hair line so you can have a guide when your plucking a wig to give it a natural look. 



Step 2:

Place the lace wig on wig head stand and use pins on the lace to pin it down tightly . Make sure there are no humps and the lace will not move while plucking.

Step 3:

The natural state of the wig hair line is very even and thick. You want the hair line to be a little thin in the front and gradually thicken like a real hair line does.

Make sure your tweezers are shop in order to pull the hair easily. Also you do not want to pluck the lace too much because you can not turn back. Pluck a little at a time then comb through and evaluate that section to see if you need to pluck more.

Step 4:

Pluck The Lace: Plucking is the process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky. Part the hair on your lace front wig in two sections and take your fave tweezers and start to pluck the hairline towards you in order to get a more natural look.

Step 5:

Create Your Own Part. Some wigs come with a part and some do not. If you have a free part you are expected to make your own. Use a comb to make a part and pluck the hairs along the part to give it a sharp look.

“What about my baby hair?” Separate a thin section of the hair from your hair line and use a razer to cut it short. Style your baby hair as you please and your good to go queen. 

How to make your wig look natural.

Tip 1: Buy A Wig That Fits Your Head

Please measure your head. From ear to ear, forehead to nape, circumference. DO IT ALL. Having a wig that is too big is just as bad as having a wig that’s too small. A small wig is not going to lay properly and it will not cover your whole head. A large wig will have a lot of extra room causing the wig to have humps at the top or in the back.


Tip 2: Bleach Knots

Please take time out to bleach your knots so there will not be black dotes causing wig not to blend. Bleaching the knots takes away those black dots that put you in the mind of a mannequin head, and it adds a more natural look.


Tip 2: Pluck Your Wig

Make sure you are plucking your wig to give it a natural look. Most wigs will come with thick edges. Our edges are much thinner then the rest of our hair so we want to give that gradient look by plucking a few rows in the front. Also pluck your part.



Tip 3: Cut the Lac to Fit Your Face

Do not cut straight across the lace. Put the unit on your head and cut the lace according to your hair line. You want it to look natural so you should have a few curves by your eyebrows and ears. If you have a widows pick hey put a widows pick in your frontal.


Tip 4: Blend

Most laces do not blend with your skin completely. Now, I do recommend HD frontals because they are thin and they blend almost perfectly. For those who do need to blend for a more natural look, use your powder or liquid foundation. Take a sponge and lightly dab around the edges of the frontal to help it match your skin tone.


Tip 5: Flatten Your Natural Hair

When you are braiding or molding your natural hair down before installing your wig, please be sure that it is flat. If you are braiding you want to be sure the braids are small and flat. The do not have to be extra small but the thicker your hair is the more braids you will need in order to keep your wig flat. If you are molding, be sure not to leave any humps especially not at the dome of your head.


Tip 6: Use 100% Human Hair

Please baby invest in yourself. Do not go get a synthetic shiny plastic weave and expect it to slay like natural hair. Go ahead and invest in some good quality extensions that will last you for a couple years. Buy multiple synthetic wigs throughout the year is more expensive than buying quality hair.


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Half and Half Colored Wig

I love that half blonde half black look. IT IS BOMB! Here is how to achieve that look in 7 simple steps.

What you need:
Bleach (if your unit is 1b)
Mixing Brush
Mixing Bowl
Hair dye
Water (for water coloring)
Ponytail holder
Blow dryer

I recommend starting with 613(blonde) hair and coloring the hair from there. You can use the 1b hair and bleach one side and then color but the chemicals cause more damage to the hair if it is not done correctly.

1. Turn Frontal/closure upside down with lace facing up. Take a tube or can of Got To Be Glued and spread it all over the frontal or closure. If you are using the tube of glue, it is easier to squeeze it in a mixing bowl and apply it to the frontal/closure with a mixing brush. Do not push down hard just cover enough to protect the lace. If you are using the spray can, completely cover the lace.

2. Blow dry Frontal/Closure for about 10 min. Make sure the closure is dry and hard.

3. Take your wig and part down the middle. Put one side in a tight bun to protect it from being dyed. If you have 1b hair, bleach one side of the wig blonde.

4. Use your prefer method to apply dye to one side of wig. Be precise and do not apply to opposite side. I love and recommend water coloring. It is easy and fast but you have to be careful to not get dye on opposite side.

5. After you get the color you desire on both sides rinse with cold water. Tip: If you started with 613 and added color to only one side, rinse the color side first to stop color from bleeding into 613 hair.

6. Allow to air dry after washing and conditioning. Style as desired.



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Tinting Lace

So Queen, have you ever had this bomb wig and you were ready to slay but the lace did not blend AT ALL? Your melanin is poppin and the lace is lacking a little. I’m going to walk you through tinting that lace to get it to blend perfectly with your color. Lace tinting is easy and fast to get the job done.


What You Need:

-Adore Semi-Permanent Hair color (#048 Honey Brown)

-Clairol beautiful collection color (Dark Brown)

-Big bowl




  1. Get your big bowl and fill half with boiling hot water and fill the rest with cold water. Water should still be relatively hot. Take your Adore color and add about 5 drops to the bowl water. Also mix approximately 3 drops of Clairol beautiful collection color to the bowl. Also sprinkle a pinch of table salt into the water and color mixture to prevent a red tint from developing on your lace. Stir the mixture for about a minute to make sure all colors and salt is blended.
  2. DO NOT CUT LACE YET! We want to be sure you are tinting to the right color so we are going to use that excess lace to test the color before dipping the entire lace. Dip the edge of the lace and keep saturated for about 10 min. The longer it sits the darker the lace will be so check your color in 5 min increments to make sure the color does not get too dark. After testing the extra lace for the perfect color, next saturate the entire lace for the amount of time needed for your tint color.
  3. The time letting it sit in there depends on how much color you want to take. If you do not need that much tone, sit in there maybe 2 to 5 minutes. If you want a good dark tone, set 10 minutes, may be 20 minutes in dark.
  4. Next, wash the lace thoroughly with cool water to allow the color to set in. You can use any shampoo and conditioner of your choice for this step. The water will run brown at first but this is normal. After washing and conditioning, simply let the hair air dry.


**You always have the option to purchase a lace tint spray as well.**

Invest In Your Hair (Extensions & Natural)

Quick weaves are so fast and simple right? It gets the job done and you look cute as hell. But what about when you take it out? All the products used to harden the hair as well as the process to remove the tracks all cause extreme damage to your natural hair. If you are looking for a protective style and you’re trying to maintain your real hair, a quick weave is not the best option.

Quick Weave?

A quick weave is when your hair is molded down in order to glue extensions on top of a wig cap or sometimes it’s glued directly on your hair.

Some stylist mold the hair down and some braid it, due to the hair being braided many believe this makes it a protective style.

After molding or braiding hair down and applying wig cap with glue, extensions are cut and glued all over until the full head is covered. Sometimes there is a leave out to help blend the extensions and help the style look more natural.

Just like a leave out with a sew in, applying heat to your natural hair to help blend your hair with the extensions causes extreme heat damage. On top of the heat damage, removing the extensions from your hair with or without a wig cap is often difficult and causes damage to your natural hair as well due to the tension that is applied to detach the extensions from the glue.

Although the quick weave style is beneficial and often times very beautiful, the process, products, and take-down process stops it from being a protective style because it damages the natural hair

Although the quick weave starts as a protective style. The glue cancels out any pros of the style.

What is a protective style?

Protective styles are those that are styled to be worn for extended periods of time to protect the hair from tension, heat, and styling damage.

Did you Know?

Often times stylist do not dry the hair completely before installing a quick weave and this leads to mildew forming on the hair. Washing the extensions is not a option with this hair style because the glue will loosen the extensions and ruin the quick weave style. It is also not good to wear the quick weave style for extended periods of time because the dirt from your hair as well as sweat will start to build up and cause bad odor and damage to the scalp. Your scalp also because very dry causing damage to the scalp and restricting hair growth. 

There are so many other options to protect your natural hair and obtain the same look of a quick weave. Bottom line? Invest in yourself and your hair because your natural hair is just as important.

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Protein Treatment for Natural Hair



1-2 Bananas (depending on hair length)

2 tbsp. Olive oil

1 cup Mielle
Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner (your favorite deep

2 tbsp. of Honey

Cleansing conditioner

How to Do?

  1. Cut bananas into small pieces and place inside blinder
  2. Add olive oil and honey to bananas in blinder
  3. Add 1 cup of deep conditioner to blinder
  4. Mix well for 2 minutes or until mixture is consistent

How to Apply?

  1. Make sure hair is tangle free after
    washing with shampoo
  2. Separate hair into 4 sections
  3. Apply mixture to one section at a time
    and comb through with wide tooth comb from ends to roots.
  4. After all sections are covered apply
    shower cap
  5. Leave on for 30 min (sit under dry for
    best results)

How to Wash It?

  1. Rinse your hair well with cold water
  2. Use cleansing conditioner to remove all
    banana and other ingredients from hair without stripping hair with shampoo
  3. Dry and style as desired

Benefits of Banana Hair Condition

  1. Banana is a natural deep conditioner
  2. Honey helps to hydrate your hair and is a
    natural humectant that moisturizes your hair and promotes hair growth.
  3. Olive oil gives natural shine and also
    helps to deep condition

The benefits of
bananas are not just limited to our health. This is a perfect ingredient to
assist with skin treatments as well as strengthen your hair. Bananas improve
manageability, prevents dandruff, and helps to keep scalp moisturized. This
fruit is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins, which
helps to soften the hair and protect the hairs natural elasticity, which
prevents split ends and breakage. We all dream of thick strong hair and the
potassium that bananas hold help to strengthen and thicken fine hair.

Restore Your Bundles

After a few months of flat ironing and adding products extensions start to look a little stiff and may even start to tangle more. We have to remember even though it didn’t grow out of our scalp it is still very necessary to treat like human hair. Extensions still need to be washed and conditioned well to restore your bundles back to its beautiful body it once had. While silicon mix conditioner is very famous for extensions restoration, you can also use a good deep condition to obtain the same results. 


-Pot of water

-Silicon mix/conditioner

1. Place a full pot of water on the stove top and allow water to boil

2. Remove pot from fire after boiling starts

3. Add conditioner to boiling water and stir

4. Add extensions to water and make sure they are fully saturated

5. Allow to sit for 30min to an hour for best results

6. Rinse thoroughly with cold water

7. Allow to air dry 

Allowing your extensions to air dry is very important because it allows them to return back to their natural state without further heat damage. Be sure to use a heat protectant if you are in a rush for your extensions to be dried.

How to Remove Hair Coloring From Extensions

So you died your hair midnight blue, and you have been loving it for a month now but now you want to be a red head. Your bundles are still new and you don’t want to invest in more so what do you do? Well queen, here is the solution. Now you can remove color from your extensions and recolor without damaging the hair with bleach. 


3 tbsp Baking Soda

4 tbsp shampoo

1 tbsp dish washing liquid

Shower cap 

Processing Time:

20 minutes


1. Combine ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is smooth

2. Apply the mixture to your dry extensions until they are completely covered

3. Cover extensions with the shower cap or plastic bag and leave sitting for about 20 min (could be longer for deeper colors)

4. Wash mixture out with warm water

5. Condition hair

Anti-dandruff shampoo has strong clarifying properties that help to strip the color from the extensions. When adding that with baking soda it helps to strip the darker colors without damaging the extensions.

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Famous Rice Water

The use of rice water to help hair growth stemmed from ancient china. The rice water carries vitamins such as B, C, E and several minerals that are good for your hair and skin. These vitamins and minerals help to strengthen damaged hair shafts. The women in China who used fermented rice water to wash their hair had an average hair length of 6ft. 

Ferment the rice water over night


1 cup of rice


2 Bowls

Steps:1. Take the cup of rice and rinse it off to remove all dirt and impurities.

2. Drain all water and dirt off rice

3. Place rice in bowl and cover with water

4. Allow to sit overnight

5. Strain water from rice into a clean bowl

6. All water to ferment for about 48 hours (water will start to smell sour)

7. Pour water into water bottle

8. Part hair in sections

9. Spray each section at a time focusing on middle and ends mainly

10. Twist or braid each section down

11. Allow to see sit overnight or at least 3 hours before washing out

Hair is expected to grow at least 2 inch a month with consistent use of the fermented rice water method. 

This method is also good for children. I take time out every 2 weeks Saturday night and Sunday morning to complete this rice water method on my daughter and I. I have seen so much progress with hair growth as well as hair strength. The shedding has stopped and our hair does not feel brittle at all. Give you hair a chance to accept the minerals before expecting results. I was able to see noticeable results within 2 months of doing this every 2 weeks.

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Watercolor Your Extensions

Products needed:

Hair color (The more hair color the bolder the color)

613 extensions (Bleaching extensions can cause damage if not done properly and requires more work)

Plastic spoon

Plastic bowl (large enough for water and extensions)

Tap water



Remove all ties, bundle wraps, and rubber bands from your 613 extensions. If this is not done, dye will not properly set in the places that are covered

I also recommend that all bundles are separated and detangled prior to dying to allow all strands access to the water color.

I bleached my extensions instead of using 613


Open bottles of coloring and pour them in plastic bowl, to make sure all the dye is out of the bottle, run water in the bottles and shake it while the top is on. Then pour water from dye bottle into the plastic bowl.

Allow your hot tap water to run until it is out and fill your plastic bowl about 3/4th of the way to the top. 

Use your plastic spoon to blend the water and color. Be sure to break up all chunks of color and make sure the water and color are blended smoothly.

Final Step

Lay your extensions in the watercolor mixture and allow time for extensions to absorb all color. Often times the water will become clear when the extensions have absorbed all color. When using several bottles of color for a bold look, allow to sit for a few hours before rinsing because the water will not turn clear. When looking for a pastel color only use 1 bottle of dye and allow to sit until water surrounding turns clear. 

Be sure to condition extensions well after watercolor.

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