L.O.C Method Before Install

Often times when wearing extensions we forget to take care of our real hair. Extensions are very convenient but we all dream of having long flowing hair ourselves as well. The best way to obtain this is to make sure your natural hair is very moisturized and healthy before each install. The LOC method is a method I use monthly to make sure my hair is not breaking during the install or the take down process.  LOC stand for





Everyone has their own method of doing things but I have found the best products that have given my daughter and I the best results.

First, water is the best liquid to use in the LOC method. Water based products are just as great but y not just stick to the natural liquid that rules the world instead of adding artificial ingredients? 

Next, I love using wild grow or either Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil as my oil in the LOC method. Both oils are thick and are long lasting.

Lastly, I always use Tailored Beauty Everything Butter for my cream. It has all natural ingredients which include shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e. This moisturizer is amazing. After completing my LOC method with this and keeping my install for a month, I was still able to feel the moisture in my hair. My hair has never been this soft or manageable before using this product. I used it for about 2 months on me and my daughter’s hair and the results were amazing. Well enough about praising this miracle in a jar lol.


1. Liquid- While most people wet or spray their whole head, I go through each section and part and spray each piece of hair so that I can be sure the hair is fully moist and detangled.

2. Oil- As you part and spray also grease the scalp and the hair as you go with your oil.

3. Cream- After the hair has been moistened and oiled, apply your cream from the roots down to the ends to lock in the moisture and the oils. Please be sure to apply extra moisture to the ends of the hair because they are more prone to breakage. 


1. Hydrates hair

2. Locks in moisture to help close hair cuticles

3. Prevents breakage 

How Many Bundles Do I Need?

As I scroll on social media daily, I see woman asking how many bundles they need for certain hairstyles. Most times there are several different replies with answers but no one is asking the questions that need to be asked in order to give accurate information.

1. What length bundles are you planning to buy

2. Will you be using a closure or frontal

3. What is the density of your bundles

4. The size of your head

All of these questions are important when determining the amount of bundles one needs. Most bundles are about 100 grams but there are many companies that sell extensions that have less density and therefore one would need more bundles to complete their unit or full sew-in. Also the length determines how many bundles will be needed. If you have a 12 in bundle and a 22 in bundle and they both are 100 grams, of course the 12 in bundle will be much thicker than the 22 in bundle in order to keep the same density. Therefore, shorter lengths will require less bundles while longer lengths require more to look thick and full. Rather or not a closure is used is also very important because a frontal of course takes up way more space than a closer does. 


My sister and I both got a full sew in installed with 18in bundles. While I needed a closure and 3 bundles she needed a closure and 5 bundles because her head is OBVIOUSLY way bigger than mine lol.


Most times if you are using lengths 12”-20” using 3 bundles will do the job but of course you still have to keep your head size in mind as well. The texture of the hair is also important because waves such as deep wave is going to look more full then regular straight hair. If you are going for a natural look, the shorter the hair the less bundles needed in order to prevent the hair from looking too big. With lengths of 8”-12” it is also possible to use 2 bundles because the weft of the bundles are longer and the bundles are also fuller then the longer lengths. 


A frontal covers almost the whole front of your head so it usually only takes 2 to 3 bundles for a full install when using a frontal. Of course 3 bundles will be for the longer bundle lengths. Typically bundles 20” and under will only require 2 bundles when creating a unit or installing a sew-in. The average dimensions of a frontal from ear to ear is 13inx4in so it is just about able to take the place of a full bundle.

Stay tuned for our next informative blog answering most asked questions,

Queen Melanin Extensions

Wigs vs Sew Ins

Doing your hair every morning becomes very tedious and time consuming. The brushing, losing the comb, finding the right products, and getting to the end and not liking how your hair looks is just too much sometimes. Thanks to Christina Jenkins(African American woman who in invented hair extensions) we have the option to skip this process and go straight to the look we desire. Let’s take a moment to say Thank you Christina Jenkins lol.

The only thing is often times we are unsure if we want a sew-in or a wig. A sew-in is when the hair is braided for a foundation and the weft of extensions are sewed onto the foundation. This can be done with or without a net being sewed over the braids. A wig is a unit that has already been constructed with the extensions and worn over entire head covering the braided foundation. There are many similarities and both but which is healthier and more beneficial?

This is a battle that many woman face. Some woman are scared of the wig look because they don’t know anyone that can install it properly, and some woman like their hair to breath at night so they prefer the wig.

Are you stuck between a wig or a sew-in?

Let’s learn a few differences and pros and cons in order to help you make the choice.

Sew-In Pros

• Protects natural hair from heat

• Different options for styling hair without cutting natural hair

• One install lasts several weeks

• Time is preserved due to hair being installed and typically needs just a brush and go

Sew-In Cons

• Scalp damage due to the sew in not being able to allow the scalp to breathe

• Hair damage is sometimes a result due to threading cutting strands of hair during install. (sometimes causes split ends)

• Heat damage can be caused to the hair during a sew in if a leave out is left out. 

Wig Pros

lasting extensions due to you uninstalling the unit every night and not sleeping in it. This prevents tangling and shedding and causes hair to last longer

• Multiple styling options are available because you are able to switch wigs whenever you want to give yourself a different look.

Healthier natural hair due to allowing your hair and scalp to breathe daily and it allows us to moisturize our hair and scalp in between daily installs.

Wig Cons

• More Time consuming due to having to install daily

• Not always secure so please be aware of the “snatch a wig” era that we are currently in

• Storage of wigs is usually a little difficult if you have multiple units.

5 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Extensions

Many people believe that wearing extensions prevents them from having to deal with their hair. While this is true, you still have to maintain your extensions in order for them to keep their quality. You have to remember that extensions are human hair and just like your natural so they have to be taken care of as well in order to stay healthy and be long lasting. Here are 5 tips on how to maintain your extensions:

1. Remove extensions (wig) or put bonnet on extension sew in when laying down or going to bed. The constant friction on cloth again the hair can cause ends too look split and slight tangling depending on how rough one sleeps. For extensions with any curl pattern, it is beneficial to braid hair before putting on a bonnet in order to keep it from matting or tangling.

2. Wash & air dry extensions before each install. When washing be sure to wet and rub MILD shampoo down your extensions. Never bunch extensions up or scrub them together. Rinse and repeat with conditioner by rubbing conditioner from root to end and rinse again. Allow extensions to air dry in order to prevent heat damage from a blow dryer and keep the extensions texture. 

3. Use a wide tooth comb or brush to brush and comb out your extensions. Although you may use a rat tail comb for a bone straight look, do not comb your hair with a small tooth comb. It will lead to split ends and a much damaged look. 

4. Moisturize your extensions as well. Of course we don’t want anything to heavy to hold down the hair and stop it from flowing but again this is human hair and it has to be treated as so. Chie serum or Generic serum are both really good oils to apply to extensions for heat protectant as well as to give your bundles a little moisture and glow. These products are extremely good with the bone straight look. 

5. Heat Protectant is very important. We often time apply more heat to our extensions then we do our hair and we forget that although it is not ours it is still human hair. To refrain from damaging your quality bundles please be sure to use heat protectant any time you are applying heat to your extensions. 

Following these 5 steps will get you long lasting full bundles. It does not take much just remember although they are extensions they are still REAL HUMAN HAIR!

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