How To Pluck A Lace

Step 1: First you want to make sure you have a clear picture for your own hair line so you can have a guide when your plucking a wig to give it a natural look.      Step 2: Place the lace wig on wig head stand and use pins on the lace to pin […]

How to make your wig look natural.

Tip 1: Buy A Wig That Fits Your Head Please measure your head. From ear to ear, forehead to nape, circumference. DO IT ALL. Having a wig that is too big is just as bad as having a wig that’s too small. A small wig is not going to lay properly and it will not […]

Transparent Frontal vs Lace Frontal

Transparent/ light Brown Lace vs HD Lace When I shop for my closures or frontals I always invest in the HD lace because it blends so well with my skin color. There are several differences in the transparent and HD lace. While the transparent lace is the least expensive it also requires more work depending […]