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Queen Melanin Extensions was a work in progress starting September 2018. The owner Aire’al B always had thick 4c hair that took hours to maintain. As a child, she kept braids, but as she matured, she grew to love hair extensions because they were so much easier to manage. Although she admired her extensions, keeping her natural hair healthy was very important to her.

While working to complete her B.S in Psychology and progressing to obtain her masters, it was very hard to make time for her natural hair on top of her

 life as a wife and mother. She started to create wigs and wear them to save time during the week while treating her natural hair on the weekends. Although she thought she had found a solution, she realized the quality of the hair extensions she purchased was poor and caused her wigs to look awful after short periods of time. At that moment, the thought of spending all that money and it being a waste sent her on a search for a solution.

After extensive research, Queen Melanin Extensions was born. Queen Melanin Extensions specializes in quality extensions for the queen who is looking to have luxury, flowing hair while adding time back into their schedule. We offer 100% Virgin Human Hair from different origins and our goal is to supply top quality hair at an affordable price to make all of our customers look and feel good while feeling valued.

“If you look good, you feel good! and if you feel good,you do good!”

Our mission is to provide great products and customer service to help build confidence and enhance the beauty of our magnificent queens.

We operate our business from Memphis, TN

If you look good you feel good!

if you feel good you do good!